Want more peace, clarity, and mindfulness in your daily life? Spiritual wellness is your answer. Skylight is a one-of-a-kind app to help you develop everyday spiritual health. Like mental health, physical health, and emotional wellness, we need to consistently nurture our souls just like we would our mind and body. Start your spiritual awakening today by trying exercises that improve your overall spiritual health.

With the Skylight app, you have instant access to daily spiritual wellness with short, simple exercises that generate deep love, strength, and healing.

These spiritual exercises are 3–5-minute activities that can be done virtually anywhere, with no prior spiritual training or commitment to a particular religion or belief system.

Skylight offers a variety of experiences to fit your needs. Perhaps you feel lonely, need a simple daily prayer, or are just looking for the peacefulness that comes through receiving daily grace. Whatever your circumstances may be, Skylight has something for you.
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