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Creative Director

Maggie Franz

Here it is. The most professional picture I have. All cards on the table, it's about three years old, and I'm wearing hair extensions. It was a phase. I've exclusively worked full-time as a copywriter (or proofreader for a bit at the beginning) since college. My need for stability doesn't allow me to ever go out on my own, but I'm always accepting freelance on the side.

Accolades (you can look all of these up online):

Notable poem award, Washington Elementary, 2nd grade, Mrs. Alexander's class, Jacksonville, IL.

One year's supply of Powerade®, musical chairs, halftime, Utah Jazz vs. Timberwolves, 2013, SLC, UT.

First place finisher, Layton Utah Marathon, white asthmatic females, ages 19-24, 2010.  

Most open-minded, Jacksonville High School, graduating class of 2004, Jacksonville, IL.

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