Your best life
is lived with God.


When people talk about spirituality and religion, they often skip over the most amazing part: that every human gets to connect personally with God. It’s a journey that builds deep self-love, peace and clarity. And it’s uniquely yours to discover. Good things are ahead—let’s go.

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Is the Spirituality Project a religion?

Nope. Some of us at the Spirituality Project practice a religion, and some don't. But all of us connect with God in our own way. Our mission is to help you connect with God. You two can figure it out from there.


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When Passionate Donors Met Passionate Creators

Sometimes things just line up. The Spirituality Project began when a group of us got talking about three things:

1) How fascinating and rewarding our own journeys with God had been.

2) That cultural shifts had left a lot of our friends and families confused about where to start.

3) What we could possibly do to help them.

Some of us had ideas, some had expertise, and some had funds to contribute. So yeah, we’re doing this thing.

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