Your best life
is lived with God.


Let's Celebrate Humanity's Experiences With God

Think about this a second: anybody, anywhere can connect with a loving God. No matter what we call God or how we reach out, we  can all get that same divine peace, clarity and companionship. That's our agenda. That's what The Spirituality Project is about.


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Help Us Build The World's Largest Collection of Spiritual Stories

From all across the world, we're gathering personal stories about people's interactions with God, and then we're sharing them with you. Each one helps us appreciate the variety of ways people connect with God and inspires us to grow our relationship with the Divine.

Have you had a moment with God?


Coming Soon: Get Inspired By Our Library of Stories!

The Spirituality Project website will allow you to browse our growing collection of spiritual stories. Until then, follow us on Instagram for a sneak peek.

Is the Spirituality Project a religion?

Nope. Some of us at the Spirituality Project practice a religion, and some don't. But all of us connect with God in our own way. Our mission is to help you connect with God. You two can figure it out from there.


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Connect With God Today

Did you know consistent spiritual practice provides mental, physical and emotional benefits? Whatever your spiritual background, Start or continue your practice with the Skylight app!

Skylight, brings you a world of fresh content from spiritual specialists: meditations, guided prayers, spiritual yoga and more. In just a few minutes a day, Skylight can help connect you to the divine love and peace you’ve been craving.

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Highlighting inspiring spiritual stories submitted by you!

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Skylight exercises for your spiritual wellness.

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Spiritual thoughts & opinions from our core audience.


When Passionate Donors Met Passionate Creators

Sometimes things just line up. Skylight and The Spirituality Project got started when a group of us got talking about our own unique spiritual journeys. How could we help others (and ourselves) connect more deeply with God?

Some of us had ideas, some had expertise in technology and media, and some had funds to contribute. That's how our little organization was born.

We have big plans—if you'd like to get involved, drop us a line.

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